Media plan: how to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

Media plan: how to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

Media plan: how to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign 1000 667 Evoplay Entertainment B.V.

The media plan is an analytical document, that includes clear rules for the promotion. Most often this is an Excel file or Google sheets. It contains a list of used advertising channels with an indication of the expenditure of funds and KPIs that need to be achieved. The media plan is drawn up for a specific period: we must plan how long we will place ads and at what time.

After making a media plan you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What channels should you use to distribute your budget?

  2. In what proportion should the budget be allowed per channel?

  3. What results will it bring?

What tasks does the media plan solve?

Assess the risks

The media plan also helps to assess the likely risks that you can face during the campaign. For example, at the planning stage, you can calculate which channels may be unprofitable. This is not accurate data, but only a forecast. However, relying on it, you should closely monitor the problematic channels after the start of the project.

Find growth points

The media plan helps to determine the prospects for the growth of an advertising campaign. For example, we see that one of the channels gives the optimal cost per lead. At the stage of media planning, we can predict whether it is possible to scale this channel – to increase the budget for it and get more leads at an attractive cost.

Make a commercial offer

If you are preparing an advertising campaign for a client, then your commercial proposal will not be accepted without a media plan. Without a forecast for the campaign, the CP will resemble a scribbled letter.

Stages of media planning

1. Briefing with the client

At the briefing, we receive the necessary information from the client to launch the advertising campaign: goals, budgets, target audience, product.

2. Determining the goals of the advertising campaign and setting the KPI

The goals of an advertising campaign can be different:

  • increased sales of goods and services;

  • launching a new product on the market;

  • brand promotion;

  • others.

3. Analysis of the market and target audience

At this stage, we analyze the market: is there a demand for the product, and is there any point in promoting with the current USP. If there is no demand for a product, it makes no sense to launch a search advertising campaign, you need to use other tools.

Competitor analysis is the easiest way to analyze the market and target audience. We look at how competitors play with advertising messages. You can use services that will help you analyze other market participants. Here are some tools for doing this.

Social networks:

  • Facebook Ads Library

  • Publer;

  • Popsters.

Context / SEO / Other Channels:

  • SimilarWeb;

  • SpyWords;

  • Keys.So.

Next, we should prepare a portrait of the client, which includes

  • gender;

  • age;

  • needs and so on.

Based on the data received, we select promotion channels.

4. Selection of tools for the implementation of the media plan

At this stage, the selection of sites and targeting methods takes place. Here we can select the desired promotion channels. Determine in what proportions we will distribute the budget between these channels.

5. Document preparation

We put everything together, and forecast the volume of impressions, cost per click, budget volumes for each advertising channel.

6. Advertising placement

We place advertisements following the plan and budget of the advertising campaign.

7. Running an advertising campaign

After we have launched the advertisement, we track the results and adjust the parameters and settings of the advertising campaign.

8. Assessment of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

At the control stage, we collect analytics on the effectiveness of advertising channels.

Good luck with your plan!

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